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Government Cover-up of PM Harold Holt's Disappearance
by Gary Simmons

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X-ray / CT-Scan proves that Gary Simmons and other elite Naval Divers were subjected to medical and mind drug experiments.
Originating Application - Filed at Supreme Court of Queensland, Brisbane by Gary Simmons.
Affidavit by Gary Simmons.
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I sent three registered letters to the Coroner, using different names and addresses and only received the confirmation card for the last registered letter that was delivered and signed for on the 29th March 2004. (The other two registered letters, sent by my partner and I a day earlier have apparently disappeared)

Office of State Coroner
57 - 83 Kavanagh Street

22 March 2004

G D Simmons
15 Ludgate St
Telephone: 07 3267 5964

Dear Sir

It has been stated in the media that you and your office are to hold a Public inquiry later this year, into the disappearance of Harold Holt who was reported missing on the 17 December 1967, while swimming.

Sir, I now take this opportunity to have my name registered along with my enclosed documents for your Public inquiry into the disappearance of the then Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt. My involvement with the disappearance of Harold Holt has been placed on Public record in the Brisbane Supreme Court. It is contained in the evidence I filed when trying to obtain Court Orders, to stop both the Federal and State Governments from having me subjected to selective justice, due to my past Naval Service and High Security.

As the Australian people have never believed or accepted the Official version of how Harold Holt disappeared, I will in due course reveal numerous other facts, which will further prove my involvement with his disappearance. If, for some unknown reason your inquiry fails to take place, this then allows my Supreme Court version of my involvement with Harold Holt's disappearance, be an indisputable fact.

The fact is, if I were never involved in the disappearance of Harold Holt, there would never have been objects placed in my throat during a surgical operation when I was a Navy Clearance Diver. The enclosed Ct-Scan flyer's visual evidence is indisputable and together with the enclosed Supreme Court Affidavit, detailing the indifferent treatment I am subjected to, validates my involvement. ---- (Harold Holt's disappearance is stated in paragraph 12 of this Affidavit)

Note: My evidence cannot be silenced due to security as "they" have allowed a precedent to be set here, in the Brisbane Courts, where my evidence has been placed on Public record. My appearances in both the Supreme Court and the District Court with my evidence are well documented in my enclosed Supreme Court Affidavit in file No. BS 1127/04.

I have enclosed the above-mentioned documents for your perusal and I trust Sir, you will reply urgently and inform me that my name and evidence is registered for your inquiry. Other than my above address, I can be contacted through Pamela Morrison on 0405 311 272 and my daughter Sharon Simmons on 0405 563 552.

Yours sincerely

G. D. Simmons

Enc: 1. Ct-Scan flyer and 3 ½ floppy disc with CT- Scan flyer
2. My Supreme Court Affidavit in file No. BS 1127 / 04

(Note: I have the name of a witness who rang me after reading this (2) page flyer and stated he was on the beach that Sunday morning and Harold Holt was not there --- He and his mate were ignored by Federal and State Police when they reported Holt was not to be seen on the beach that morning.)

Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt's assassination / disappearance is seriously questioned by Mr Gary Simmons (Ex Navy Clearance Diver) who said: As part of my duties I engaged in several clandestine operations, one of which was the removal of the body of then Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt from his home out to an awaiting fishing boat the night before it was reported he disappeared while fishing.