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Anti Gun Politicians Arm Themselves!

Albert McDonald's Gun

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18th October 1998.

Albert McDonald is the husband of Leneen Forde, who vacated the position of Governor of Queensland a short time ago. Her husband Albert, was subpoenaed to give information on oath to the Woods Royal Commission into Police corruption, regarding pedophilia and drugs. He was not convicted, but his reputation and character was severely damaged .

When the house he lived in, and the woman he was married to, was receiving over a million dollars of tax payer supplied personal security, the Queensland Police, under the supervision of two anti gun Parliamentary regimes, (Goss and Borbidge), supplied this man with a licence to carry a loaded pistol, on his person, for his own personal security.

When the Borbidge regime legislated in 1996 to remove the right for every other citizen in the state of Queensland to keep or use a firearm, shotgun, rifle, or pistol, for personal protection, they still left Albert with his concealable licence.

When the Queensland Police service was busy refusing elderly pensioners applications to keep a single shot 22 to fight off home invaders, they showed no mercy or exceptions. As they gloated, proud veterans of the first world war with tears in their eyes, watched their 303's being crushed. They investigated cases where pensioners, who had been beaten with lumps of wood, whilst their property, the only thing which equalizes brawn, firearms, had been removed from them. Enforced by the Queensland Police service.

They knew that Albert was okay, he could look after himself, he wouldn't have to clutch for the phone, dial 000, and listen to it ring out unanswered, while home invaders broke the back door down. No, Albert was safe, he had a million dollars worth of security at home, and a concealable pistol in his belt to defend himself with.

The worst hypocrisy though, is Leneen Forde herself. What did she do with her conscience when she was giving assent to the new weapons act in 1996? It removed that right of self defence with any weapon from every other citizen in the state. She was comfortable with the thought that hubby, Albert, had his shooter on him, and could defend her or himself, but she didn't mind taking that right from everyone else.

Below, please find the information typed in directly from the sheets printed out by the Queensland Police computer. I have the originals for viewing only, not for printing, as this is for our security purposes.

Weapons System - General Enquiry
Person enquiry - details
Application no: 30008531
Type: cfi
Surname : McDonald
Given name : Albert
Town of birth: East Haven
State/country: /Scotland
Drivers licence: 21095310(Qld)
Res' address: Govt House, Fernberg Rd. Paddington. 4064.
Postal address. G.P.O. Box 434. Brisbane. 4000.
Medical cond.: N.
Club financial member: no

( Licence - conditions )

Concealable Firearms Licence number: 30008531-0.
Date issued: 23/01/1993
Date on card: 23/01/1993
Date cancelled:
Original issue date: 22/01/1993 Renewal sent:26/11/1997
Name : McDonald, Albert
Date of birth: 30/07/1930
Sex: M.
Condition code: 999
Decision officer: Flash

(Inspector Fletcher)

Condition code: P S

Condition terms:
This licence authorizes the licensee to use a Schedule 2 weapon for personal security.

The licensee is not to acquire, keep, possess or use any schedule 2 weapon for personal security which has not been approved for use by the licensee for that purpose by an authorized officer.

It is approved that only the following weapon be used by the licensee for personal security of his own person and that of the Governor of Queensland.

This licence shall only remain in force whilst Leneen Forde remains the Governor of Queensland.

Smith and Wesson .38 five shot revolver. s/n J 232859

Note. Leneen Forde would have been in breach of the "letters patents" from Her Majesty Elizabeth the II, where it states that the Governor may not, give assent to legislation which breaches treaties imposed on their Majesties, or laws repugnant to the laws of England. These are treaties and laws which the Monarch swears to uphold in her Coronation Oath, and are the main protection for all of our inherited rights. The Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights were imposed on the Monarchs and their successors forever. The Bill of Rights is quite specific, that good Protestants can keep arms suitable for their defence. The Catholics of course already had the right. Leneen Forde had been informed by myself, and many other Queenslanders, that she would be going beyond her powers by giving assent to this act. She ignored them.

If we allow the Governor to ignore the whole foundation of law in this country, the Constitutional documents, then all your rights are at risk. The right to life, to property, to freedom of speech, to travel freely, and to live privately without government intrusion. All these guarantee's are gone forever.

Jimmi Hendrix
FOAA Media Liaison Officer