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Article by Dr Robert Bruce, May, 1996.

EDITORS NOTE: (Back to Shortcuts) This NEWSLETTER is prepared to provide some thought provoking material for the reader to contemplate. Due to the 'powers that be', and some peoples' self chosen ignorance, there is an enormous lack of true understanding in matters pertaining to health. In the realms of medical science and nutrition, there is a complexity of knowledge that is such, that no man in his short existence could ever fully master the depths contained therein; however, there also exists a simplicity of knowledge that is quite tangible, beneficial, applicable and available, to any who would but grasp it. It is in this context that the enclosed articles are written, i.e.: as simply as possible, and to the point. Great strings of scientific lingo are omitted, as it tends towards making a simple subject very complicated.

CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY: (Back to Shortcuts) We have a moral obligation to bring to the publics view, just some of the glaring inconsistencies in the realms of "modern medicine." The value of a person's health and life in an eternal perspective is immense. Multitudes today are needlessly dying from nothing more than an ignorance of proper knowledge of health. A walk through a hospital ward, an old person's home, asylum and graveyard, is ample testimony that "Ignorance is not bliss." If mankind were to wait solely upon the medical institutions to find the answers to humanity's most baffling health problems, the human race would eventually become extinct! It is time for each of us to take our health into our own hands. "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32

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A correct system of diet will cure us when everything else fails. Natural foods, air, sunshine, exercise and good habits can cure us; but ignorance, processed flour, processed foods, and unnatural foods in general; plus surgery, radiation and drugs (cut, burn & poison approach), will bring us nothing but misery, pain, disease, death, and an early tomb. When the Creator made Adam & Eve, He made no doctor, no pills, no surgeon, no drugstore, and there must be a reason for this. Now, in the midst of specialists, drugstores, hospitals, learned surgeons and scientific doctors, babies die in infancy, hospitals are filled with poor sufferers, asylums are crowded with maniacs, jails are filled with criminals; most of the people are sick, and doctors themselves are often consumptive, dyspeptic and rheumatic.

The bear in the forest, the lion in the mountain, the panther in the covert, the tiger in the jungle, or the gorilla in the dark and dismal forest of the tropics, has no doctor prescribing pills, no one to inject serum under his hairy hide, no surgeon to slice and cut his anatomy, no druggist with his pharmaceutical jargon and scientific dope; no hospital, no asylum, no medical books to refer to, no newspaper articles written by medical experts to explain, interpret and elucidate the principals of health and sanitation; no hospital apparatus, no one to administer osteophatic technique, no skilled masseur to massage that hairy hide and the giant muscles beneath; no medical law to protect the health of those poor beasts; no chiropractic punches; no French cook, or culinary experts to prepare civilized dishes; no vegetarian philosophy to guard the poor brute against the danger of carnivorous habits; no libraries of science and philosophy to instruct; no scientific and trained obstetrician to superintend the process of delivery and the birth of cubs, no graduated nurses to care for the health of those poor beasts, to take the temperature, keep a record, enforce the rules of the learned physician, and to see that the doctor's pills are taken religiously to specified hours.

Those helpless hairy beasts have none of the conveniences and advantages of our wonderful inventions, sciences, arts and civilization. Yet, in spite of all this, a bear, a panther, a lion, a tiger, or a gorilla, is healthy, strong, vigorous, and powerful for some reason not understood by our mighty scientific - - What?

There must be something wrong somewhere. Is it possible that we have no science and no doctors yet? Or Is it possible that we would be more healthy, vigorous, successful, strong and long-lived without science, doctors, dope, manufactured and cooked foods, the same as those wild beasts? If, with all our sciences and specialists, beasts are our superiors in health, strength, vigor, muscle, courage and build, then it is a poor compliment to science and specialists. If science cannot keep our children alive, keep people well, keep us out of sick houses, hospitals, jails and asylums; if doctors cannot keep their own wives, children, nor themselves well; if science can only cure our pocket books, fill our children's blood with cowpox, pus, and other dope, translate our diseases into Latin and write our death certificates when we suffer and die, even in childhood, youth, manhood or middle age, should we patronize such sciences? Again, is it not time to take our health into our own hands? If a diet cannot cure us, we will never be cured.

"All diseases are curable, But not every patient"
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As a doctor, I often hear such comments as these:- "Can you cure my arthritis?" or, "I have pimples and no energy, nobody has been able to help me, can you?" or, "The doctors say my cancerous condition is incurable, can you cure me?"

If the treating of a person's illness were limited to a physiological perspective only, complete healing via Natural Methods of Healing would always eventuate. But this ideal situation is thwarted by the coupling of the physiological (body), with the psychological (mind). Think about this statement:- "All diseases ore curable (body), but not every patient (mind)." What does this imply? The body is in perpetual subservience to the power of the mind at all times. Whether we consider the healing of sickness, or even the accomplishment of a predetermined goal, all results are dependent upon the mind first, and the body second.

ATTITUDE: I have had patients with varying degrees of illness, but the severity of these illnesses were of little relevance, in comparison to the persons attitude. 90% of all disease originates in the mind! It is incorrect habits of diet and living that encourages disease, and it is the incorrect attitudes of the mind that enables disease to continue. A person may be presented with the exact answers for attaining optimum health, but, if he does not follow the particular steps as outlined for him, he cannot advance. The body must come under subservience to the mind. A man controlled by appetite and not logic, is in a very sad state. The following statement is very appropriate:- "You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink." If you have a correct attitude, and your mind works together with your body, in harmony with natures health laws, then, and only then, can your highest health expectations be realized.

PSYCHOLOGICAL BARRIERS: In my practice, I have never cured a single person from any single ailment; that is an impossibility to ever accomplish. No one can heal another person, only God Himself can do this. But, if people provide the right environment within their bodies, this will promote healing; for nobody can do for others what one can do for ones' self. All patients who have completed education cleanses at my Health Retreat are the masters of their own destinies. The end results they obtained where wholly dependent upon their attitude and their application the knowledge and physical aids shown them. For they alone must live in their own bodies for 24 hours each and every day. It is through their own determination that they arise In the morning, that they eat, drink, wash, walk, exercise, read, work, think, hope, cry, pray, laugh, sing and sleep again. Neither myself nor any other can do all these things for another person. Humans are not mere automation's, they are free thinking individual beings. Free to choose to live, or to die; and just how they will live or die. So, achieving success is very much dependent upon having a willing and determined attitude. Also, improving health is very dependent upon working with Nature, not against Nature.

"Attitude is everything, and everything is attitude."
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The practice of medicine in it's many forms, whether natural or unnatural, are today not at all what they should be, due to the position and attitude of the people - to be specific - their aversion to taking advice, instead of medicines. Nine times out of ten, people will consider prevention of disease in the shape of a pill, a powder, or a shot of serum, but seldom will they do so at the expense of giving up their follies and bad habits of living. This tendency of the public to prefer drugs and operations, instead of knowledge, information and advice, is commonly met with everywhere.

This is well illustrated in the fact, that if the world were convinced that I myself, Dr Robert Bruce, for instance, possessed an unfailing remedy, a medicine that would cure every physical ailment that human flesh is heir to and prevent it as well, such a remedy or medicine would be demanded faster than it could be manufactured, though every secret still and moonshine outfit in the country were transformed into a laboratory for it's production. No price would be deemed too exorbitant, and though the mixture were as nauseating as the foulest most vile broth ever concocted, it would even be of greater value than the Vatican's gold bullion and would be gulped down with a swinish avidity.

In proportion to people's ignorance of their own constitutions and the power of functions of their own bodies, is their unbelievable confidence in drugs and serums, and as long as this ignorance persists, there will be plenty of doctors who pander to it. Hence the medical Institution in its entirety, is one of the largest money making businesses in all the world; also, the medical institution is actually quite fraudulent, in that it does not deliver the goods as prescribed within the Hippocratic Oath:- "...I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked; nor suggest any such counsel..."

WHO IS TO BLAME? It would be a sad and bad day for humanity if ever a "cure-all" were discovered, which was capable of curing all human ills, regardless of man's destructive habits and unnatural ways of living. Whether we know it or not, believe it or not, the law of action & reaction (cause & effect), is still the Law of Nature that controls and guides all affairs in this wonderful universe of ours. We cannot cheat Nature through medicines, the surgeon's knife, or by mechanical appliances of any kind. If it were possible to eat, live and do as one pleased by cheating Nature and her natural immutable laws, what would happen? The fundamental basis of law, order, beauty, harmony, ethics and moral concepts would become nonexistent; anarchy, chaos, ugliness and confusion would rule in their place. We are subject to Nature and her laws, Nature is not subject to us. The world is full of unfortunates; physical, mental, and moral invalids and cripples, who have tried to cheat Nature by such vicarious "cure-alls", only to find that Nature will not, and cannot, be cheated.

The worlds woes can in no wise be wholly attributable to the giant chemical manufacturers and medical drug pushers, as much as the Individuals who gullibly frequent these poison distribution centers; who seek a 'magic potion' in a vain attempt to cure their ills, yet allowing them to retain their pernicious dietary and living habits! Thus the medical institution maintains it's commercially lucrative viability. Mere men are looked upon as gods! A business cannot exist if it's products are not in demand, yet the demand for a "short cut" cure lures millions, nay billions, into it's warehouses. All this, in order that an individual can continue breaking all the laws of health by incorrect living habits!

One particular guest we aided at our clinic, had a terminal Illness to which orthodox medicine gave her no hope for ever recovering. After completing a cleansing program at our Health Retreat, her improvement in health was such, that It inspired this comment; "It's wonderful, I've never felt so good in years. As soon as I become well enough, I'm going to catch up on what I've been missing out on for all these years. I'm going to wine and dine, party, dance the night away and eat as I please." Needless to say, this lass had made a remarkable recovery for a period of time, then she truly lived up to her word through self indulgence, and defied Nature and her laws. Through her own choice and will, she is now, more or less, a physical and mental wreck.

"There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death." Proverbs 14:12. There is only one way of achieving true health, and that is through God's Natural Methods of Healing. These can be broken down to eight items called the 8 Laws of Health being:- 1) Pure air: 2) Sunlight: 3) Temperance, 4) Rest: 5) Exercise; 6) Proper diet; 7) Use of water; 8) Trust in Divine power. If these health laws were studied to their utmost depths, no amount of books could store the knowledge contained therein. Each of the Eight Laws of Health is a separate dimension of infinite value.

Alexander the Great conquered much of the known world in his time, yet there was one person whom he just could not conquer - himself! He had a very serious drinking problem which he could not control. Finally, in a drunken stupor, he was conquered by alcohol. The great Caesar's of Rome, many of whom were powerful men, died not always of old age, but of intemperance and gluttony. It was customary for some to eat and drink all day long, and delight in sexual excess with as many beautiful woman (and men) that graced their courts; to the point of inducing vomit to empty the contents of the stomach, to be refilled repetitively, all in a vain attempt to find pleasure! Many of these men died a miserable and empty death. The defeat of Rome was blamed upon the indulgences of it's leaders.

The quest for a "one pill wonder" that will rectify all illnesses, yet allow a person to continue violating natural hearth laws, is a quest not of happiness, but one of ill health, broken dreams and premature death. However, it is a person's God given right to live as he pleases, and to seek help from whom he chooses, but there are warning signs along the way. Read 2 Kings Chapter 1. This is a warning to all those who will go to the 'god of Ekron' for their healing. The god of Ekron was called Beelzebub which means "Lord of the flies, or Satan." Ekron also means "exterminate." The philosophy and practices of the medicine men of Ekron, are very similar to the medicine men of today, except now they wear distinguished clothes, have an enviable salary, and hold a prestigious social standing amongst men.


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Labeling a disease condition with great Latin names has nothing to do with curing the problem. Treating the effect of an illness will never cure the cause. Imagine a mechanic who fixes a flat tyre by putting air in it, but never removes the nail or patches the hole! What if a mechanic replaced your whole motor when the problem was simply an empty fuel tank! Sound ridiculous? A mechanic would be promptly unemployed for his poor skills and abilities. Yet doctors are needlessly replacing people's hearts with baboon or pig hearts, teeth are extracted, tonsils, appendices and organs are removed, holes are drilled into the head, and every other ghastly invention of cruelty has been performed upon submissive human guinea pigs; all this and more are performed by mere men, men who have never been trained in the field of nutrition and health (cause & effect)!

LEPROSY: Leprosy is a very serious problem amongst certain Aboriginal tribes of Australia. Leprosy Is now called "Hanson's Disease," to make everyone feel more comfortable. Millions of dollars have been spent upon finding "the cure" for Hanson's Disease; specialists worldwide have committed many hours in research, operations and drug administration, yet Hanson's Disease Is still there and in mass proportions!

Let us look at this disease through the eyes of a Nutritionist. The effect of this disease is evident, but what of the cause? It will be noted that the dietary (& hygiene) habits of the people who develop this disease, are different from the dietary habits of Aboriginal people who do not have this disease. The Aboriginal tribes who do suffer Hanson's Disease, eat from these (Biblically unclean) foods:- goannas, kangaroos, pig (ham, bacon, pork), grubs, snakes, cats, dogs, rats & etc. Amongst these unclean foods are eaten some fruits, vegetables & etc. Now, the aboriginal tribes that do not suffer from Hanson's Disease, eat mainly:- Fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, fish; yet omit the creatures and grubs of the diseased tribe's diet. Isn't that simply amazing? Apparently not! As medical professionals will tell you. "Food bares little influence upon health." If this is so, what does influence their health and cause this disease? Medical experts do not seem to know, they generally choose to remain silent upon the subject of nutrition, and search for biological aliens and microbes to destroy instead!It will be pointed out that Leprosy has never existed amongst vegetarians, it only strikes those who eat meat, and especially those who eat (Biblically) unclean meats. This is a constant embarrassment to the 'experts' who are apparently seeking solutions!

GUIDELINES OF OLD: "Why are they unclean?" you ask. God has set rules for what is beneficial or detrimental to one's health. He did not do this to ruin your happiness, but to enable you to enjoy peak health, longevity and complete happiness. Genesis 1:29 says "And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat." Meat always meant fruits, grains and nuts. After the fall of man, vegetables were added to his diet; then after the great flood, the eating of dead animals became acceptable, but there were strict Biblical guidelines for eating meat (dead animals), as contained in Leviticus 11. For example, a clean (edible) fish is to have both fins & scales. No other fish or creepy crawly In the rivers or oceans are edible. Mammals must have a cloven hoof and chew the cud i.e. goat, cow, sheep etc. Pigs do have a cloven hoof, but they do not chew the cud, so the eating of pig or swine is condemned. Also, the 'clean' animal is supposed to be bled properly before eating. Much scientific research to what is or is not acceptable for eating, only confirms what was written in the Bible many thousands of years ago. Is it possible our Creator may know what is best for us to eat? If you are interested, road for yourself what our Creator has had written for the benefit of mankind. Even the eating of clean meat (dead animals) is now becoming complicated, as it is increasingly harder to find healthy clean animals to eat. A healthy rule of thumb Is:- "Do not eat anything that had a Mum & Dad."

We do not live off the food we eat, we live off the energy contained within the food. This energy within the food, is dependent upon the energy within the soil. Soil with no energy is poor soil. Hence poor soil produces poor food, and poor food produces poor health in humans.

"BURN OUT" FACTORS: Eating pig (bacon, ham, etc.), releases energy very quickly into the system. The electrical frequency and millimicronage of a pig compared to that of a human, are vastly different. The resultant assimilated energy that enters the human, in effect, short circuits the system: just as a 12V DC battery will burn out when charged at 240V AC. The food energy of a pig has an electrical frequency not compatible with humans. This is why the eating of oysters, prawns, flies, pigs, dogs etc., create an aphrodisiac effect in people. If a person eats of these unclean creatures, and breaks most other of the 8 laws of health, his system is operating at too high a capacity, and sooner or later, the weakest organs will be the first to collapse, hence sickness or death eventuates.

This reminds me of a man I spoke to two years ago, who drank great quantities of alcohol, smoked cigarettes, drank several litres of fizzy pop every day, ate nearly anything that once walked or crawled, and performed other health destroying activities that I dare not disclose. He was in his 30's and felt reasonably well, he said to me "I know there is a lot of truth in the health work you're doing, but I'm going to have a ball until I'm 40 or 45, then I'll get a sauna, drink pure water, change my diet and get healthy!" Well, at least he is honest. However, he is already becoming increasing ill, and the happiness he thought he would enjoy, is fading as a mirage in a desert.

Wrong living is like sticking your finger into a 240V AC outlet just for the fun of it; the high it gives you, is in reality, an extraction of life from your system. The first "high" that ever took place in human history was in the garden of Eden, when Satan tempted Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit. The Serpent implied that Eve would enter a higher plane of existence and dimension, that she would become as God, if she would but break the only law that she had to abide by. So she quickly ate and imagined these experiences. Eve did enter another realm, but it was one of disappointment, bitterness and death. She had just learnt how to disobey the laws of living. As humans are habitual creatures, both Adam & Eve passed on to us the ability to obey or disobey, physical and moral laws. Eve did experience a short thrill of excitement, just as a child stealing a cake from the biscuit tin, but when the child is apprehended, the guilt far outweighs the thrill of disobedience.

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IMMUNISATION: Any establishment such as the AMA (Australian Medical Association), that seeks to force people against their will, to be immunized - vaccinated - doped - drugged and poisoned, is an establishment of corruption and deceit. Laws that enforce the consumption of poisonous drugs by the public; are laws that are in themselves illegal! "Woe unto them that decree unrightous decrees (laws), and them that write grievousness which they have prescribed (written)." Isaiah 10:1. It Is not illegal to disobey a law that is in itself illegal! Also, the public are not involved in the formation of these preposterous and Barbaric laws that effect their health, thus the Government is also implementing unconstitutional laws.

Not only are the common people not involved in such important decisions as "compulsory mass immunization," but neither are all the facts for and against immunization presented In their full light, therefore the public are not able to make an intelligent decision whether to implement such laws or not. As the AMA and most of it's members know, if all the facts were presented upon immunization (vaccination), the public would not only ban immunization, it would demand compensation for the disease and death that immunization has previously caused to untold millions!

Were not our boys in the army (WW2) thoroughly "protected"? They were physically fit on admission into the army, else they could not have got by the examining boards. They were thoroughly, very thoroughly immunize against typhoid fever, meningitis, pneumonia, influenza, yet they died like flies, not on the firing line, but right here in Australia, where they were surrounded by the finest sanitary precautions that science could devise, and not only did they die, but they died of the very diseases against which they were supposed to have been rendered immune! The death rate from pneumonia and complicating influenza, was simply staggering, in some camps reaching 4 or 5 times the rates among civilians; remember, the civilians being the weak ones who were not able to go to war, they were not "blessed" (cursed) with immunization as those who died.

The true figures on immunization (vaccination) for smallpox have never been placed before the public, though they can be seen in the files of the various departments of the army as well as the government, if one cares to ask for them. If the record of immunization in the Philippines alone were ever a matter of general knowledge, it would finish immunization in the whole country, at least amongst those who are able to read and think for themselves. After three years of the most rigid immunization, when almost every man had been vaccinated from 1 lo 6 times, there occurred the severest epidemic of smallpox that the islands had ever seen, with a death rate running in places to almost 60%; and in all well over 60,000! Did you ever know this? Assuredly not. Yet it is found In the government records in just this form. The AMA is in no hurry to reveal such facts.

DO MEDICAL DIPLOMAS CREATE SUPERMEN? Is it wise to trust in "medical authorities" (sic), who say that such and such a new drug (poison) is safe for mass immunization, when thousands of the drugs as found in the doctor's MIMS (drug index), quote that:- "..the actual biological effect upon a person is not really understood or even known?" Is It of any concern to the "thinking" person, that years after each great discovery of yet another poisonous substance, that it too is found to be deleterious to the subject's health? The public are often surprised to learn that a poisonous drug, turns out to be poisonous to one's health! Is there much intelligence necessary to decipher the difference between poisonous drugs and poisonous drugs? If the drug is poisonous to begin with, then surely It will always remain, a poisonous drug!

Do you remember THALIDOMIDE? This was a popular drug (a sedative) of the 1960's. It was clinically proven to be safe with no side effects; well, ask several thousand deformed children exactly what they thought of this super drug. Thousands of poisonous drugs have been produced and administered to trusting patients, drugs of which little is really known, other than that it is poisonous! There are strict laws that prohibit the importing or production of health products, such as the THERAPEUTIC GOODS ACT. Laws offer much protection, but when the lawmakers themselves become lawbreakers, the very laws that were made to protect, are used to persecute.

Let me explain, there are people who worked for years to make the bark of the Maritime Pine Tree available for resale as a health product. It is high in vitamin C, is organic in nature, and is non-poisonous. This is only one of the many wonderful products that has been hedged up by the AMA from becoming available to the public. Is it possible that the AMA is concerned that the public may be poisoned by something non-poisonous? It is Interesting to note that whether a product is from the bark of a tree (e.g. Maritime Pine), leaf of a tree (e.g. paw paw), tuber of a plant (e.g. potato), etc., they all have one thing in common: they are naturally occurring and organic in nature! If the AMA will go to such great lengths to ban or prohibit the sale of naturally occurring medicines - then the poisons that they do allow, must therefore be classified as legally acceptable to one's health! Condradiction? Definitely!

Let us look at just some products that are deemed safe enough for human consumption by the AMA and its law enforcement agencies:

  • Alcohol - a proven poison and destroyer of brain cells
  • Cigarettes - proven to destroy the lungs and create many diseases
  • Coffee & some Teas - addictive, from a poisonous plant, proven to help cause breast cancer
  • Coca-Cola - a chemical soup that disrupts normal metabolism
  • Aspirin - a deadly poison wherein a few tablets can kill a baby
  • Fluoride - as added to much public mains water, and toothpaste, the same fluoride as used in WW2 for exterminating people and/or numbing people's minds; used today for killing rats, controlling enemies; and for treating water to harden one's teeth (and every other bone in the body)
  • White bread - generally highly processed, cooked incorrectly, a very poor food and a known cause of constipation
  • Amalgams - a mercury lead dental filling that creates physical & mental dysfunction, premature death...

Yes, the AMA may give a pitiful protest against some of the above, but are the beer, tea, coffee, drug companies sued, persecuted or imprisoned for producing and selling such harmful and poisonous substances? NO! But many a person has found himself in jail for supplying natural non-poisonous products. Is there an inconsistency in this somewhere?

Medical students are ultimately taught to become future doctors, for what purpose? To instruct and aid the public upon the healing arts. Medical students are trained to find the cures for diseases, but, this is often conditional, whilst they search, they are generally not allowed to consider the effects of nutrition upon health. This is like trying to find what's been killing the chickens, but being told "Don't even think of foxes."

It is interesting to note that the drug manufacturers pour large funds into medical and agricultural universities. They also provide great manuals of information on how to use their drugs for most every problem. The final products of this system are of course Medical and Agricultural specialists, i.e. glorified drug peddlars. "The art of medicine is not one of healing people anymore, but is an art of keeping a person alive long enough, in order that his monies can be emptied into the medical institution's coffers." Dr. Paul M. Koonin, D.D.Sc.

Should the universities of today begin teaching Natural Methods of Healing, and searched the mysteries of the 8 Laws of Health, within a few short years, almost every hospital, doctor's office, chemist and drug manufacturer would be closed down. (There is a need for operating theatres for accident victims, delivering babies, etc., but on a whole, the entire medical establishment would be almost out of work.) Is this good news? Not to the AMA, nor the chemical giants. They have their niche in financial life, and how dare anyone change it! However, they have nothing to fear as long as people look to them as gods.

Dr. Robert Bruce

Let us listen to what some other doctors and
professionals have to say on this matter:-

Doctors Reveal All - Famous Doctor's Quotes - quotes from
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"There are more quacks in the orthodox profession than there are outside its ranks." Dr. J. P. Baldwin

"Time was when ovaries were removed by the peck of all sorts of nervous disturbances which had no more to do with the condition of the ovaries than with the changes of the moon... But these organs are still subjected to certain operative procedures for pathological conditions which exist only in the mind of the operator." Dr. Barnesby

"The uterus is often extirpated (removed) for no apparent reason except the undying fondness of some men for notoriety or money." Ibid

"Prostatectomy it seems is another fad. Let us hope that the interest shown in the prostate may result in giving a much needed rest to the appendix and the kidney." Ibid

"Disease is cured by the body itself, not by doctors or remedies." John Harvey Kellogg, M.D.

"The DEATH RATE from smallpox was actually higher among those who had been vaccinated." Dr. Viera Scheibner, Australia

"It took over three years of reasearch before we looked at each other and said 'Vaccines are killing babies'." Dr Viera Scheibner

"It is a well documented fact that the incidence and mortality from infectious diseases fell by 90% well before any vaccine was even introduced... So [the U.S.] mandated vaccination and it resulted in a three-fold increase in whooping cough..." Dr Viera Scheibner

"This is not a rare occurance. Epidemics in fully vaccinated populations are a rule rather than an exception..." Dr Viera Scheibner

"Medicine is a great humbug:- doctors are merely quacks when they are not charlatans." Dr. Magendie (The great French physician)

"We doctors have been talking this medicine stuff into the people till they believe it." Dr. Schweningen (Physician to the late Prince Bismark)

"...So it was obvious that I, and every other doctor for that matter, had been grossly misled." Dr Archie Kalokerinos

"...It was clearly shown that the only people who got smallpox TWICE were the vaccinated... You can be LOADED with antibodies and still get, even DIE from the disease..." Dr Archie Kalokerinos

"When the AIDS epidemic started... antibodies, instead of meaning protection, meant that you were doomed. So this concept of antibodies that we were taught is wrong..." Dr Archie Kalokerinos

"Our use of vaccines is not based on good science." Dr Archie Kalokerinos

"Materia Medica is simply a list of drugs and poisons. They are all subversive of organic structure; all incompatible with vital functions; all are antagonistic to living matter; all produce disease." Dr. R.T. Thrall

"Before he [Louis Pasteur - the 'father of modern medicine' and originator of the Germ Theory of disease] died, he changed his mind. He ended up saying it's not the germ, but the conditions within the body..." Natural Health Lecturer: Ian Sinclair

"Nature alone can cure disease. Doctors cannot heal. They can only direct the sufferer back to the pathways of health. Nature alone can create, and healing is re-creation." Dr. William S. Sadler

"...[my daughter's] symptoms were intensifying after each vaccine... So I wrote to the governments and got figures..." "I realised there was a lot of information that we were being told... which wasn't true..." Dr Isaac Golden

"Ninety-nine out of a hundred medical facts are medical lies, and medical doctrines are, for the most part, stark, staring nonsense." Dr. Gregory (Edinburgh)

"Babies are injected with bits of animal, bacteria, viral DNA. They can be incorporated into the human genome..." Dr Peter Baratosy

"Why is it that only since the 40's have autism and brain damage come about? Because this was when immunisation was introduced to a large extent..." Dr Peter Baratosy

"Vaccines are a billion dollar industry, and there are at least a billion good reasons there why it's continued." Dr Peter Baratosy

"Nature is the curer of disease." Hippocrates, (the father of medicine)

"Measles had been dying out in Europe, then they started vaccination and it rose again, and the thing that had cured measles was better nutrition programs..." Independant Nurse Practitioner, LISTEN System Practitioner: Pauline Rose

"I am part of a profession that is systematically lying to people." Dr Mark Donohoe

"This concept that vaccinated children are some kind of typhoid Mary is just rubbish. We now have a sicker group of children in the community." Dr Mark Donohoe

"It may be that you only get one chance to make one big mistake... because of the number of people vaccinated if you introduce a pathogen... in a route that the body does not have a protection against." Dr Mark Donohoe

"There are some doctors who disparagingly say 'There are some parents who think that just having a healthy child is good enough'. Well the truth is it IS good enough!" Dr Mark Donohoe

"In general, civilization affords chances of misuse of our digestive organs, and it is this difference between natural and civilized living that causes all ill health. In a word these diseases are primarily related to what we call Constipation, the Universal Malady of Modern Times." Dr. Paul M. Koonin.D.D.Sc

"The coincident abuse of irritant purgative drugs is an additional factor of considerable importance to the cause of colitis, rectal troubles, and ailments of the digestive tract which cause cancer." Sir Arbuthnot Lane, Bart., M.D., F.R.S.

"They say openly in the [medical] legal system that if you advise against vaccination the A.M.A. will push to deregister." Medical Doctor: Dr Robyn Cosford

"These are symptoms that if they were seen in a child who had not just been vaccinated, all us doctors would be a little concerned that this child perhaps had a type of viral meningitis. We wouldn't just sit back and say 'That's fine. Take some Panadol and it will go away,' " Medical Doctor: Dr Robyn Cosford

"He is the best physician who knows the worthlessness of his own medicine." PROFESSOR W. M. OSLER, Professor of Medicine, Oxford University

"An exceedingly weak point in our profession is its possession of such an enormous array of useless drugs as presented in our Pharmacopoeia. No thinking observer can look over the pages of that book without being appalled at such a collection of nonsense, such a hodge-posh of trash." PROFESSOR E. J. BALDWIN, M.D., before the Medical Association, June, 1920

"The medical system Is a colossal deception that has filled the world with incurable invalids, of which mines have been emptied of cankering minerals, the intestines of animals taxed for their filth, the poison bags of reptiles drained of their venom, the blood of cats and dogs extracted, and all these with other abominations have been thrust down the throat of gullible human beings." Dr. J. M. Good, M.D., F.R.S.

"We have no real proof of the boasted effectiveness of any form of anti-toxin or vaccine or serum... If such a vaccinated or immunised person contracts the disease which he is supposed to be protected, it is pretty good evidence that such "protection" is valueless, isn't it? Surely people do contract disease against which they are supposed to be immunised, as we all know.... Well, are you satisfied that WE ARE QUACKS? In the eyes of those who are willing to forgot the present prestige of medicine, such as it is, with all its dignity, its scientific jargon, its pratings of altruism, its great endowment, its well heralded "achievements," we are most assuredly quacks, professing to do things we cannot do, and yes, taking money under this pretence." Dr. Paul M. Koonin, D.D.Sc.

"Unless the doctor of today becomes the dietitian of tomorrow, the dietitian of today will become the doctor of tomorrow." Dr. ALEXIS CARROL. (Famous Biological Scientist and head of the Rockefellar Institute.)

"Fluorides are general protoplasmic poisons, probably because of their capacity to modify the metabolism of cells by changing the permeability of the cell membrane and by inhibiting certain enzyme systems. The exact mechanism of such actions is obscure." Journal of the American Medical Association, Sept 18, 1943, Editorial.

"The plain fact that fluorine is an insidious poison, harmful, toxic and cumulative in its effects, even when ingested in minimal amounts, will remain unchanged no matter how many times it will be repeated in print that fluoridation of the water supply is 'safe'." Ludwig Gross, M.D., former Chief of Veterans Administration Cancer Research, Bronx, NY.

"A patient cured, is a customer lost." Unknown

"A total world population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline from present levels, would be ideal." Ted Turner, in an interview with Audubon magazine

"If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels." Prince Philip of Great Britain, leader of World Wildlife Fund