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Updated techniques for aiding police - December 2003

The State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) claim that Queenslanders owe $15 million for having their photos taken (see article below.)

  • PROBLEM: Sadly, in Queensland alone, approximately $6 million / month is reluctantly gathered from motorists via the: Queensland Transport - Queensland Police - SPER, etc. alliance, which is causing great financial hardship amongst many members of the public. This is causing an increase in Oppression - Coercion - Bankruptcy - Addiction - Divorce - Suicide.

Ultimately, every Public Servant, member of SPER and the Police want all Queenslanders to drive safely and slowly, so that police cameras will not be necessary anymore, thereby saving Queenslanders unnecessary and expensive fines.

Immediate action is required from the public to assist your local "picture taking" policeman (or woman). Here are just some simple methods:

  • SOLUTION: When you see a speed camera / radar, let it be a reminder to slow down, and be an example to others;
  • SOLUTION: When you see a speed camera / radar, be courteous and warn other motorists to slow down and save lives and money. This is a good time to check that your headlights are working properly;
  • SOLUTION: Pensioners, invalids or retired members of the public who wish to aid Police could organise "Phone in Hotlines," and any available person could quickly respond by setting up a sign 200-300 metres before the speed camera / radar, warning the public to "SLOW DOWN;"
  • SOLUTION: Police speed camera / radar microwave warning signs are rather small, and most Police usually forget to place them in a useful and readable position as required by law, so by displaying a "SLOW DOWN" sign 200-300 metres before the camera, you will assist the Police greatly;
  • SOLUTION: Park 200-300 metres before a police vehicle and radar, put your "hazard lights" on, touch the "brake pedal" repeatedly to remind motorists to slow down. Although the police won't see your brake lights flashing, the motorists will, and they will appreciate your good efforts. Besides assisting police, this is a good opportunity to have a rest in case you "suddenly" felt ill and needed to rest, or you needed to read a map, or maybe just take in the view;
  • SOLUTION: Park 200-300 metres before a police vehicle and radar, place a "warning flare" metres behind your vehicle. This would be advisable if you "suddenly" felt ill and needed a rest, or you needed to read a map, or maybe just take in the view. Warning flares are available in most automotive shops at approximately $1.00 each, and burn for around ten minutes. It is common for a speed trap to gross from $2000 to $20,000 per 10 minutes, and this could easily be negated by a simple road flare.

Your efforts will be highly appreciated by all, and will be a constant source of encouragement to other motorists who wish to help police save lives and save money. Just imagine how happy the Police, Queensland Transport and SPER will be when there are no more speeding tickets being issued, and their services are no longer required?

Kind regards,

William Wallace JP


Vandal lobby defeats speed cameras (

"The use of speed cameras in Hawaii has been stopped after a vandalism campaign by motorists, who smashed the equipment and hurled rubbish at operators.

State Governor Ben Cayetano has ordered the cameras to be removed and legislation to be repealed.

Local media revealed the locations of the unmarked vans, nicknamed Talivans by residents. Newspaper campaigns also urged people to refuse paying fines in protest until the cameras were removed.

In many US states, the use of speed cameras, except those in marked police cars, have been outlawed following campaigns by civil liberty groups."