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Renegade Magistrates Courts
22nd November 2004

Dear Ray,

Here is the information that you requested.

As a Justice of the Peace I am often asked questions from people about the Queensland court system. I cannot give legal advice and the following is not to be construed as such. The following summaries are factual experiences to aid people dealing with the "justice" system.

I note that certain Magistrates Courts operate along these lines:

1) In relation to the renegade actions of a Magistrate being brought to the attention of the Queensland Chief Magistrate MP Irwin for redress, the following answer (October 1st 2003) was given: "I suggest that you obtain legal advice regarding any further action that you may take in this matter as I am not able to give you legal advice."

MP Irwin also said: "The position of Chief Magistrate has no power to review a decision of a Magistrate made in their judicial capacity."

MP Irwin then quoted Re Colina; Ex parte Torney [1999] HCA 57 (22nd October 1999) "…The Chief Justice of a court has no capacity to direct, or even influence, judges of the court in the discharge of their adjudicative powers and responsibilities. The Chief Justice of the Family Court has, by virtue of s 21B of the Family Law Act, responsibility for ensuring the orderly and expeditious discharge of the business of the court."

2) It is customary for a number of Magistrates to say any of the following in their courtroom, while conducting the business of the court: "I am the law. - This court is the law. - This bench is the law. - Statute Law is above Bible based Common Law (i.e. man's law is above God's Law). - The Australian Constitution is not recognised in this court. - It is not for you to interpret the Bible. - You are guilty if I say (even if you are innocent). - If you don't consent to the jurisdiction of this court, why are you here? - I will charge you with contempt of court for questioning me!"

It is customary for a Magistrate to determine the law and your rights as they go along. A victory in one Magistrates Court is not a precedent to be observed in other Magistrates Courts. Precedents can only occur in the High Court and a Magistrate can easily override a High Court precedent simply by bluffing that it doesn't count etc.

3) A number of Magistrates will tell you that they do not recognise the Australian Constitution in their courtroom. If you are a Christian claiming Section 116 of the Australian Constitution in a court that doesn't recognise the Australian Constitution, why then consent to their jurisdiction? You must know the rules of engagement.

4) A number of Magistrates will tell you that they do not recognise God or Queen in their courtroom (that is why the Queen is being removed from courtrooms across Australia, and why many police have no idea what the crown on the lapel is for). If you are a Christian claiming your Bible based common law rights in a court that doesn't recognise neither God nor Queen, why then consent to their jurisdiction? You must know the rules of engagement.

5) You are mostly summonsed to court with an ALL CAPS name such as JOHN SMITH. When the Magistrate asks if you are JOHN SMITH, they are looking at your name in ALL CAPITALS. If you answer "Yes", then you have consented to being a commercial entity. You see, there is no provision in English grammar for the capitalization of proper nouns, except for banks and or governments to create an entity for commercial purposes, i.e. commercial entity, artificial person, colour of law, straw-man, trade name, front man, property, debtor, person and legal fiction. Look at your driver's licence, birth certificates since the 1970's etc., all in ALL CAPS. [Note: Some government agencies have been starting to revert back to proper noun names due to the public becoming aware of this discrepancy.]

John Smith written in lower case is a flesh and blood man of God written as a proper noun name.

6) The State Recording Bureau now provides non-certified court transcripts (even though you demand certified transcripts) with copyright warnings that you must have permission to copy your transcript, and pay extra for doing so. They also add a built in disclaimer: "Issued subject to correction upon revision." In other words your transcript (copyrighted property) can be adulterated as they so choose, and they often 'adjust' your transcript to remove damaging or embarrassing comments from the Magistrate or prosecutor etc., all at your expense. Also, by supplying non-certified court transcripts, no one is responsible / accountable if there are any errors. Operators hide behind the shield of anonymity. One wonders why defendants aren't compensated for supplying their copyrighted input?

7) When the public approach court staff for assistance with form filing, it is now customary for court staff to say: "We cannot give legal advice" to nearly every question that you give them. It is their legal duty to aid you in court filing and answer basic questions pertaining to form filing, but mostly they obfuscate the issue, thereby confuse you and are often of little to no help at all.

8) A number of summonses issued in Queensland and New South Wales are neither court stamped or signed and are thus anonymous letters that legally need not be regarded.

9) Many statutes contradict other statutes and are repugnant to Bible based common law.

10) Most court appearances are voluntary. You appear out of fear.

11) Even a watertight defence can be overthrown by an angry Magistrate.

12) If you consent to being denied a defence based on the Bible first, Section 116 of the Australian Constitution, Article 18 of the UN Charter, then you are at the mercy of the court, and they can and will do as they please with you.

13) If you are denied your right to use your Bible in your defence on religious grounds, then why consent to the jurisdiction of the court? Leave. Christians are to be judged by their peers and Magistrates are supposed to heed the Scriptures first, not man made statutes or worse, their own feelings.

14) Many people are increasingly being denied the right to trial by jury.

15) Homosexuals and murderers (child abortionists) increasingly receive preferential treatment and respect from the Magistrates Court, while faithful citizens are denied the right to a Constitutional defence.

16) Take notice that there was an arrest warrant for Yashua (Jesus), yet He ignored the 'authorities' of the time and their corrupt system. Yashua did not voluntarily appear in court; instead, the soldiers came with Judas, arrested Him and illegally tried Him at night time. Even though Yashua won His case, they still crucified Him.

17) It is customary to have policeman who as your plaintiff in court, is actively involved in crime, i.e. policeman who participate in wife bashing, illicit drug trading, bribery, treason, theft, murder, and more.

18) You are the stranger in a courtroom, surrounded by court staff such as the Magistrate, lawyers, police etc. Your best interests are seldom their best interests. Avoid suicide, refrain from appearing in court!

19) The Queensland Court System is currently in the process of transforming from a Christian based court into a mainly Heathen court. Enter at own risk!

Yours sincerely,

Justice of the Peace (Qual)
Department of Justice and Attorney General
(Proper noun name withheld from publication.)