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(This letter by Christopher McIlrath may be copied in whole or part without restriction)

Are we saying, as a species, that the result of terrorising, poisoning and killing our brothers in the Middle East is going to be better than understanding and helping them, because we now have that choice.

Are we to be dictated to by sociopath imbeciles who take the best prizes by deceit and murder or are we to determine for ourselves as a free people of a free world whether or not our best fighters should be far away killing our distant cousins or back home protecting our sovereignty from obvious take-over by empty warheads.

What other evidence is required of treason than that a murderous military commitment is made directly contrary to the passionately expressed wishes of the electorate. Support for "transparently false" reasons to violently steal trillions of dollars worth of Iraqi oil must be exposed as deliberate betrayal of our country.

The time is now to halt bloodshed in our name. Have Howard - Blair - Bush answer a charge of TREASON.

Reasons for war provided by President Bush and the United Nations

"You've got to be kidding mate!"




"My name is George Bush, people call me George Bush."



Thank you for my freedom George Bush - thank you...


Thank you for our freedom George Bush - thank you...

Note: The American Soldiers are not paid to police a country, they are paid to defend the constitution.