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Port Arthur Massacre
This tragic occassion occured on 28th April 1996

Government Cover-up at Port Arthur

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For further details and investigative report. (WARNING: Not for the faint hearted.)
Is the Prime Minister Mr John Howard a criminal?
Gentle Martin Bryant?
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"I'd like a word with you Mr Howard..."

Port Arthur inquiry urged

The Sunday Telegraph (NSW) March 4, 2001

"A PORT Arthur survivor yesterday called for an inquiry into Australia’s worst massacre, saying she believed there had been “a hell of a cover-up.”

Wendy Scurr, a tour guide at the historic site in April 1996 when 35 people were killed, said there were many unanswered issues surrounding the massacre. However, she declined to elaborate, saying she was saving her information for a meeting in Inverell, NSW, this month.

The killings have given rise to Right-wing conspiracy theories that they were orchestrated as a plot to disarm Australia."



  • Did you know that there is no forensic evidence to show that Martin Bryant was at Port Arthur on the massacre? (Although he later arrived at Seascape)

  • There is not one fingerprint, or smear of saliva, or hair, or DNA, or footprint of Martin Byant.

  • If you dare to ask for evidence that the gunman was Martin Bryant, then be careful - one man has already been threatened with arrest for asking a forensic question at a Forensics Conference!

  • As for the witnesses? When given 30 photographs from which to pick the gunman, some of the witnesses already had an image of Bryant in their minds because THE MERCURY kindly printed a large photo on the front page. One witness actually said she recognised him by his jumper - which she saw on the Mercury photo - we know the gunman had not worn a jumper!!

  • Why wasn't THE MERCURY prosecuted for obstructing the course of justice?

"...The first element was secured with the Port Arthur massacre that saw a right handed gunman ‘head-shoot’ twenty people in thirty seconds. A left handed retard, with no shooting experience, was convicted and a thirty year ban immediately placed on the evidence...."

"There will never be uniform gun laws in Australia until we see a massacre in Tasmania." Barry Unsworth, New South Wales Premier, December 1987.

Police are always trained to cordon off a crime scene for forensics and investigators, so they can look at every piece of evidence, 'undisturbed'; however, the Prime Minister Mr John Howard, quickly ordered that some buildings (evidence) at the Port Arthur massacre be destroyed, shortly after the massacre took place. (Waco, Texas, was likewise flattened to the ground, destroying much evidence. This was immediately after the FBI, ATF and US Army killed many innocent civilians, in what many claim was nothing but a well planned military / social experiment.)

Video footage presented the night before the trial, showed someone who looked 'similar' to Martin Bryant at the day of the shootings. It turns out that this video footage is a forgery, and was thus fake evidence. The man running across the car park is in fact not Martin Bryant at all, but is an employee, running to aid the wounded, hence the men relaxing on the verandah outside the building that Martin Bryant supposedly had just left, after killing people. One spectator on the verandah was having a cigarette!

Another piece of footage shows someone who looks like Martin Bryant, superimposed upon the film, revealed by the halo effect around the insert. Also, the insert is black and white, whilst the rest of the photo is in colour!

There was no, nor ever has been any forensic evidence found such as DNA or fingerprints belonging to Martin Bryant, that links Martin Bryant to the shootings in the café.

Even though Martin Bryant was witnessed as having stopped for coffee at the Shell Service Station at Forcett, 30km north of Seascape, whilst someone was shooting at Seascape at the same time, Martin Bryant has been accused.

Even though Martin Bryant was later witnessed buying petrol 15km north of Seascape at the Convict Bakery Service Station at TARANNA, between 11.45am and 11.50am, while people were being massacred by 2 or 3 shooters at Port Arthur, Martin Bryant was charged by John Howard as guilty.

Bryant was next witnessed visiting Roger Larner between about 1.05pm and 1.15pm. He was then witnessed entering the tollbooth by staff about 1.15pm, at the same time that a gunman was witnessed at the Port Arthur Historic Site messing about in the car park. Regardless, the Australian Prime Minister John Howard charged Martin Bryant as guilty.

Whether Martin was guilty or not, one fact remains clear, he was denied a fair trial, and instead was put through a 'kangeroo court', with all surviving evidence locked away for 30 years!

Survivors say that there are suspicious circumstances surrounding the Port Arthur Massacre, such as the person who shot him (one survivor) had a skin problem, not at all like the smooth "angel like" face of Martin Bryant!

A number of survivors were so disturbed, that they immediately purchased hand guns for personnel protection, saying that "....if someone had a gun at Port Arthur, they could have shot the killer/'s, and saved many people's lives!"

Only weeks earlier, Mr John Howard warned Australians via the media that unless Australia has tougher gun laws, there would soon be a massacre in Australia. Coincidence?

After the massacre, John Howard illegally (no referendum) brought in laws to disarm the nation. He, Mr John Howard, gave a speech almost identical to the following:-

"This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilised nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!"     Adolph Hitler, 1935.

“In reaching a historic agreement on prohibition of weapons, we made a mighty contribution to delivering a safer and more secure Australian society.” John Howard, 1997, Australian Prime Minister.

Since 1996-7, many honest civilians have become, in effect, defenceless; whilst criminals, police and elitists such as John Laws still carry weapons for personal protection, denied to us lesser mortals. ("All people (animals) are created equal, but some people (animals) are more equal than others..." from the book Animal farm.)

Has gun related crime diminished since 1996? NO! In fact, armed robbery has increased dramatically, and Australia is now in an unenviable position, i.e: the richest nation in the world for resources, yet the most defenceless and helpless against any foreseeable invasion (NOTE: invasion from within or without).

Submitted by Robert Bruce.

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