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Are We A Christian Nation?

"In case you have not noticed, the United States is not a Christian nation, and the stench of this country has been going up to the throne of God for a long time.

I love my country but not the forces that have seized upon it! We are a nation that butchers millions of innocent babies and uses and sells their little members and stem cells for research and even more sinister reasons. Our Federal Government jails those who protest this mass murder.

We are a nation that is saturated with perverted sex, strip joints, pornography, prostitution, gambling, incest, drugs, drunkenness, blood lust, beastiality, and other vices at all levels of the social strata. We are a nation filled with Eastern religion and all kinds of witchcraft. The average young person seems to know a lot about the dark side of witchcraft but almost nothing about the Bible. Is this a Christian nation?

We live in a nation where ministers endorse the witchcraft of Harry Potter, and it is WITCHCRAFT!!! I know, I was in it!

We are a nation full of perverse religions and secret societies. Ministers and churches are sold out to pagan holidays, and their church calendars reek with the stench of the same holidays that witches celebrate, and the witches were doing it first!

God help us, and if we don't repent, he won't!

Look at the people everywhere with their trashy, pounding music with blasphemous lyrics. The people of these last days have pierced virtually every body part and are covered with tattoos. They spike their hair, which is dyed green, orange, and purple, and dress like clowns with baggy pants full of holes.

Human respect has disintegrated, cruelty to animals is everywhere, and a general spirit of nastiness and selfishness prevails. So much fuel for the lake of fire! This is that new world they promised us back in the sixties."

By David Meyers