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Dial - A - Prayer


have established a Dial-A-Prayer.
When you phone, a monkey answers! Evolutionary professors believe that when monkeys eventually evolve to the level of human beings, (in billions of years time), the monkeys will then have the ability to speak. Until then, the only answer is unintelligible and nonsensical babbling.
This call will cost you your soul.

have tried to establish a Dial-A-Prayer.

But when you phone, no one answers. There is no message and no hope...
This call will cost you your soul.

have established a Dial-A-prayer.

When you phone, you are placed on the "hot line." Satan and his fallen angels have left their message. Instructions are given on how to become a temporal god, disobey God's 10 Commandments, stay mortal, and how to swim in the great lake of fire that is soon to come.
This call will cost you your soul.


have established a Dial-A-Prayer.

This is for people wanting to know about their Creator Jesus Christ (Yashua). When you phone, there is a recorded message for you. Directions are given on how to obtain eternal life, by accepting Jesus Christ (Yashua) as your Friend & Saviour, as outlined in God's Holy Word - the KJB Bible (King James Bible).
Included is a message of love, hope, peace, meaning, direction & eternal life.

William Wallace