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When we present God's holy law,
And lessons from the Scriptures draw,
Objectors say, to pick a flaw,
"It's Jewish."

Though at the first, Jehovah blessed,
And sanctified the Sabbath rest,
The same belief is still expressed,
"It's Jewish."

If from the Scriptures we present,
The Sabbath's meaning and intent,
This answers every argument,
"It's Jewish."

They love the rest of man's invention,
But if Jehovah's day we mention,
This puts an end to all contention,
"It's Jewish."

Oh ye, who thus God's day abuse,
Simply because 'twas kept by Jews,
The Saviour too, you must refuse,
"He' s Jewish."

The Scriptures too, we must expect,
With the same reasoning you'll reject,
For if you stop to recollect,
"They're Jewish."

Thus the apostles also fall,
For Andrew, Peter, James and Paul,
Thomas and Matthew, John and all,
"Were Jewish."

Now to your hapless state resign,
And without hope in darkness pine,
Salvation too, you must decline,
"It's Jewish."